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Part of the Operations Ministry

Part of the Operations Ministry

Part of the Operations Ministry


AppStudents Team

the Student Ministry

This team includes the following positions:

  • Nursery workers

  • AppKids (5 years -3rd grade) 

  • AppTweens (4th-6th grade)

  • AppTeens (7th-12th grade)

  • Teachers

  • Event chaperones

Why We love AppStudents:

Last Month's Highlight: First Impressions Team

Part of the Operations Ministry

We want every visitor and long-time attendee to feel a warm welcome when they walk into our church building! With that in mind, all of our First Impressions team needs to be full of joy, a welcoming spirit and warmth. If you're someone who loves meeting new people, is good at remembering names and faces, and has the gift of hospitality, then serving on this team may be a great fit for you! 

If you'd like to know more about one of the positions on the First Impressions Team, click the button below to let us know.

This team includes the following positions:

  • security

  • greeters

  • ushers

  • coffee prep & servers

  • shuttle bus driver

  • children's check-in

  • AppChurch Espanol headphone check-out station

Why We love First Impressions:


Spiritual Gifts

Unsure where your place is? A great place to start is finding out what your spiritual gifts are! Taking this survey will help you see your strengths but also where the Holy Spirit is working in you. It will also tell our church staff what your gift analysis is, so they can help you get plugged into a position just for you!

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